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Dec 13th of 2023

Which Dog Ice Cream is the best? 

Imagine your furry friend’s tail wagging in delight as they lap up for delicious treats during a hot summer’s day. Now, picture that treat being a scoop of ice cream for dogs, filled with dog-safe ingredients that are hand-picked to suit your pooch’s preferences.

Sounds like a dream, right?
Well, we’re about to turn that dream into a reality. In this blog post, we’re diving into the world of dog ice cream, where yogurt meets oat, and bananas dance with apples, all to create a frozen delight that your pup will absolutely love!


  • Dog-Safe Ingredients for Ice Cream Treats
  • Avoiding Harmful Ingredients
  • Simple & Delicious Dog Ice Cream Recipes
  • Serving Suggestions & Presentation Ideas
  • Frequently Asked Questions
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Safe Ingredients for Dog Ice Cream Treats

Choosing the right ingredients is vital for a successful homemade dog ice cream recipe. Here are some dog-safe ingredients you can use:

Plain yogurt: acts as the creamy base, a safe and nutritious choice for our canine companions

Add natural peanut butter: for extra yumminess

Bananas and apples: for a dairyfree, vegan alternative

Keep in mind, these frosty paws symbolize more than just treats, they’re a display of your affection for your furry companions!

Avoiding Harmful Ingredients in your Dog Ice Cream

When peparing ice cream for dogs on your own, check the ingredients and your dogs diet with caution.

While we may adore our Katchi Ice Cream, sharing human ice cream with our four-legged friends should be avoided. The sugar, chocolate, and high levels of lactose could leave them with an upset tummy, or worse, a trip to the vet.When preparing the doggie ice cream, it’s better to use natural ingredients that are free from additives or sweeteners.

Be mindful of xylitol and other artificial sweeteners, as they can be harmful to dogs. Even coconut oil, though often regarded as a health booster, should be used cautiously as it could cause digestive issues in some dogs.

Always aim to concoct a puppy ice cream that balances both taste and health benefits.

Simple & Delicious Dog Ice Cream Recipes

Eager to convert these components into frozen dog treats your dog will love? We’ve got two simple recipes up our sleeve: the Apple Banana Delight, and the Refreshing Yoghurt Blast. Whether you choose to make or to buy one or both, we promise your furry friend will be tail waggling begging for more!

Apple Banana Delight Dog Ice Cream

You’ll need just four ingredients to whip up this delightful treat with a peanut butter flavor:

Mashed banana

Mashed Apple


Peanutbutter for topping

It’s a simple recipe, but one that will have your pup drooling in anticipation.
Begin by blending the banana, Mashed Apple and peanut butter until smooth. Pour the mixture into ice cube trays or silicone molds and sprinkle with other doggy treats if you wish.
Freeze until set and voila, you’ve created a homemade doggie dessert that’s not just tasty, but also packed with vitamin a and c as well as fibers!Keep in mind, the Banana & Peanut Butter Delight can stay fresh for up to 8 weeks in the freezer.

But let’s be real, with your dog’s newfound love for this frozen treat, we doubt it’ll last that long!

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Refreshing Berry Blast

For those pups who prefer a fruitier flavor, our Refreshing Berry Blast is a perfect choice.

To whip up this frozen delight, you’ll need some dog-safe fruits like strawberries.Start by creating a strawberry puree.
Simply remove the stems, slice the strawberries in half, and blend until smooth. Combined with the creamy texture of bananas, this fruity mix makes a refreshing and healthy addition to your dog’s summer treats.

Not only are strawberries low in calories, but they’re also filled with vitamins C, B1, B6, and K, minerals like potassium and iodine, plus fiber and antioxidants. However, it’s important to remember that moderation is key.

While these fruity treats are a delight, they should be given as a treat once in a while.

Serving Suggestions & Presentation Ideas

Having prepared the homemade dog ice cream, it’s now time for a stylish serving! Here are some ideas:

Use colorful silicone molds to create fun shapes.

Serve it in a dog-friendly dish with toppings like shredded carrots or coconut flakes.

Add a dog treat stick to transform it into a popsicle.

The options are endless and are sure to make your dog’s tail wag with excitement!

If you’re planning a doggy birthday bash, here’s a fun idea for a treat:

Scoop the ice cream into little bowls or cups.

Top it with dog-friendly biscuits or dog candy bits, making them perfect dog treats.

You could even use a dog-shaped silicone mold for a cute touch.

Just make sure the ice cream is nice and soft for easy eating.

Indeed, a party isn’t complete without a delightful treat to relish!

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Storing & Freezing Tips

Proper storage and freezing are crucial for retaining the freshness of your homemade dog ice cream.

Reusable airtight freezer containers or silicone freezer trays with lids are your best bet.

They’ll keep the ice cream fresh and prevent freezer burn.

If you’re storing for a short while, plastic zip-seal bags can do the trick too.The great news is, homemade dog ice cream lasts for up to 8 weeks in the freezer.

Professionally churned Dog Ice Cream as from Katchi Ice Cream may last up to 12 month.

 That means your pup can enjoy this delicious treat long after the prep time, making it a perfect treat for those hot summer days or whenever your furry friend deserves a little extra love.

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Store-Bought Dog Ice Cream in a cup by Katchi Ice Cream

Apple Banana Dog Ice Cream Cups.jpg__PID:e971a0a3-bd26-411d-942d-0d6be4253d07

Although crafting homemade dog ice cream can be a joyful and satisfying activity, you might sometimes desire a ready-to-eat alternative packed in a cup.

Enter Katchi Ice Cream’s paw edition dog ice cream cup, a delightful option similar to Jerry’s doggie desserts. This line of ice cream, suitable for both dogs and cats, is completely sugar-free and ready to enjoy.

1 cup is 150 ml and euqals 1 portion for a big dog, 40 kg, or 2-4 portions for smaller dogs.

Made with a natural yoghurt creme base and infused with probiotics, it’s a healthy frozen treat that’s been churned to a creaminess comparable to human ice cream.

So, if you’re looking for a store-bought option that doesn’t compromise on quality, Katchi Ice Cream’s paw edition is worth a try!

Keeping Your Dog Cool in Hot Weather

As much as our furry friends love basking in the sun, too much heat can lead to discomfort, or worse, heat stroke.

Symptoms like excessive panting, reddened gums, and rapid heart rate could indicate that your pup is overheating.

Homemade dog ice cream can be a significant aid in maintaining your dog’s coolness during sweltering weather.

 Offering them a frozen treat not only provides a distraction from the heat but also helps to regulate their body temperature.

In addition to frozen treats, make certain that your dog always has fresh water available.

Don’t overdo it with exercise in the heat, and always bring water when you go out.

When the temperature rises, these simple measures can make a world of difference to your furry friend.

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Store-Bought Dog Ice Cream in a cup by Katchi Ice Cream

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DIY Dog Ice Cream Party Ideas

Throwing a dog ice cream party can be a delightful and novel method to celebrate your dog’s birthday or any special event. Start by sending out invitations designed to look like ice cream cones or sundaes, setting the tone for the fun to come.At the party, you can:

  • Keep the dogs entertained with games like Novice Recall or Dog Piñata
  • Decorate your space with dog-themed tablecloths and centerpieces
  • Serve up your dog ice cream store bought dog ice cream, taking care to ensure it’s soft enough for easy eating.

With these ideas, your DIY party featuring most dog ice creams is sure to make dogs eat ice cream and have a great time!


From the creamy base of plain yogurt to the delightful additions of peanut butter and strawberries, we’ve learned how to whip up treats that will have our furry friends begging for more.

Whether you’re throwing a DIY dog ice cream party or simply seeking a special treat for a hot summer day, homemade dog ice cream is sure to be a hit. So, why not give it a try? Your furry friend will thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give my dog regular ice cream?

It's best to avoid giving your dog ice cream, as dogs lack the enzyme necessary to digest dairy products.

 Eating ice cream can cause them stomach issues such as gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea or vomiting. Even the occasional lick is not recommended.

What is doggy ice cream made of?

Spoil your pup this summer with a scoop of delicious doggy ice cream! This tasty treat is made with peanut butter, banana, plain yogurt and topped with crispy bacon bits. Your furry friend will love it!

How long can homemade doggie ice cream last in the freezer?

Homemade dog ice cream can last for up to 8 weeks in the freezer, so you can enjoy it with your pup for a long time.

What are some fun ways to serve homemade doggie ice cream?

Have some fun with your pup and serve homemade dog ice cream in creative shapes with toppings or a dog treat stick as a popsicle.

Are frosty paws OK for dogs?

Frosty Paws treats are safe for dogs and provide nutritional benefits. They are free of added sugar and don't contain wheat, milk, soy, or peanuts, making them a great option for summertime treats. Plus, they're long-lasting, so you can reward your pup often

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