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What Hotel Guests Really Want: Insights from Recent Studies


Men want a big breakfast, women want a big bed - in a representative study, Scandic surveyed 1,000 Germans about their preferences in guest houses, according to the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research.

The majority of hotel guests prefer a cozy atmosphere in their rooms instead of modern coolness - this is one of the results of the large Scandic hotel study. While 60 percent of female guests choose their hotels based on the type and size of the bed, restaurants and half-board are among the top ten criteria for men. Breakfast is the number one priority, with 69 percent of respondents stating this. Both sexes prefer a cozy atmosphere to cool luxury, a trend that is now referred to as "cocooning" - these are just a few of the results of the representative study "Growth Trends in the German Hotel Market", which surveyed 1,000 Germans on behalf of Scandic by the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF).

Cozy Atmosphere Instead of Cool Luxury

According to the study, women place more value on a cozy atmosphere with 72 percent, compared to men with 64 percent. However, men are not fans of cool modernity, with only 29 percent of them preferring a modern design. Luxury and elegance are also only expected by 21 percent of men and 19 percent of all respondents from an optimal hotel. The size and type of bed is a decisive criterion for 54 percent when choosing a hotel, with women even paying attention to this factor in 60 percent of cases.

Healthy Breakfast Beats Minibar and Room Service

For Germans, feeling good in a hotel doesn't just depend on the aesthetics. "At home, the needs of every family member are taken into account - that's why we also take care of children, allergy sufferers, and other people with special needs," says Michel Schutzbach, Head of Europe Scandic Hotels, about the study results, "this also applies to breakfast, which contributes to well-being with healthy alternatives, Fairtrade coffee, and gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan products." In the survey, 72 percent said that a successful start to the day with breakfast is important to them - bread rolls and muesli are far more popular than the minibar or room service.

Personal Contacts More Important Than Digital Gadgets

More than a third (36 percent) of respondents also want a personal contact at the hotel. Among 35 to 49-year-olds, this desire was the most frequently mentioned service, with 44 percent. According to the study, people who welcome guests are much more important than technical gadgets. The only technology that really matters to Germans is fast WLAN access. However, only 12 percent of guests want to communicate via a digital voice assistant, and only 13 percent want to control room technology via their smartphone. Under 35-year-olds are much more open-minded towards the "smart room" with 27 percent. Older people are more likely to warm up to digital access to newspapers.

In light of these findings, offering cozy and comfortable rooms, healthy and regional breakfast options, and personalized customer service can go a long way in satisfying the preferences of hotel guests. 

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