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Banana Bubble Waffle

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Banana Bubble Waffle

Have you ever wondered what a cloud of sweet, crispy delight tastes like? Meet the Banana Bubble Waffle – a perfect blend of warm bubble waffles, sumptuous banana, and the classic duo of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, all drizzled with warm chocolate sauce. It’s not just a dessert; it’s an experience!

The Difference between Bubble Waffle and Regular Waffle

So, what sets the bubble waffles apart from regular waffles? It's all about texture and form. Unlike the traditional grid-like pattern of regular waffles, bubble waffles boast a unique pocketed surface, creating a delightful contrast between the soft, fluffy insides and the thin, crispy edges. These pockets not only add a fun twist but also make every bite a harmonious blend of crispy and soft textures.

What is bubble waffle made of?

Originally the dough was made out of flour, sugar, butter and eggs, milk, some baking powder and some salt as well as flavor giving spices such as vanilla Tonka, Cocoa powder,  but nowadays there are also vegan versions without eggs, and vegan butter and plant based milk as a substitute for the dairy ingredients.

What is another name for bubble waffles?

Bubble waffles also go with the name Hong Kong Waffles, the place where they first have been served as a street food under the name Gai Daan Jai.

Our secret recipe for the perfect Banana Bubble Waffle: 

To create the perfect Banana Bubble Waffle

  • we bake a fluffy bubble waffle with crispy edges
  • we shape it to a cone or place it on a plate
  • we add to scoops of ice cream - we recommand vanilla and chocolate
  • we peel the banana, split it in half and place it on your serving plate
  • Top it off with whipped cream,
  • 30g of homemade chocolate sauce 

 It's like banana bread, but with an irresistible crunch and a creamy, icy complement.

Why Choose Banana Bubble Waffle?

Our Banana Bubble Waffle isn’t just a treat; it’s a journey through flavors and textures. Whether you're a fan of fruity delights, chocolate indulgences, or the warm embrace of crispy waffles, this dessert has it all. And with the option to go vegan, everyone can join in this joyous culinary celebration.