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Going Bananas/ Choc Bomb Sundae -

Banana Split

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Banana Split Sundae

Dive into the timeless delight of our Banana Split Sundae, an all-year classic that's a summer favorite for everyone. It's a perfect blend of the fruity flavors of banana and creamy ice cream, topped with a dollop of cream, almonds, and chocolate sauce, making it a hit across all age groups. For those who prefer a vegan option, simply choose from our selection of vegan ice creams.

The Origin of the Name 'Banana Split'

Have you ever wondered why it's called a Banana Split? It's because the banana is split down the middle, creating the perfect base for this popular sundae.

The Invention of the Banana Split

The Banana Split is a classic found in ice cream parlors worldwide for many decades. It was invented in the USA by Letty Lally in Columbus, Ohio, who served this ice cream creation in 1904. Responding to a customer's request for an unusual dessert, Lally served a split banana along with ice cream, syrup topping, and whipped cream in a pickle dish.

In Germany, it became known as 'Bananensplit' after World War II. Today, it's one of the most popular ice cream desserts.

Our Secret Recipe for the Perfect Banana Split

To prepare the perfect Banana Split Sundae...
  • Start by pre-cooling your plate.

  • Peel a banana, split it in half, and place it on your serving plate.

  • Then add 2-3 scoops of ice cream - flavors of your choice - in the middle. We recommend chocolate, vanilla, and banana ice cream for a classic taste.

  • Top it with whipped cream,

  • 30g of homemade chocolate sauce, and

  • chopped roasted almonds.

  • Serve with a crispy wafer to complete this fruity taste experience.

Banana Splits for Everyone

Our Banana Split Sundae is not just a dessert; it's a complete ice cream experience. Perfect for those who enjoy classic, creamy, fruity ice cream flavors with the added delight of bananas, whipped cream, and a crispy wafer. Dive into this sundae and savor the rich, fruity flavors in every bite.Want to prepare the sundae at home? Then add these ingredients to your shopping list:
  • Bananas

  • Ice cream of your choice, we recommend: Bourbon vanilla, chocolate, banana ice cream

  • Chocolate for the chocolate sauce

  • Cream

  • Almond slivers

Timing is important in the preparation: prepare and set aside all ingredients beforehand to prevent the ice cream from melting!

Calories, Carbohydrates, and Nutritional Values of the Banana Split:

It's not possible to provide specific information on calories, nutritional values, and fat content, as they depend on the chosen ice cream, its sugar and fat content, and of course, the size of the scoops. An estimated serving has approximately 480 kcal.