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BOWL Stracciatella, 4.75kg -

Stracciatella Ice Cream, 5 Liter Catering Size

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Stracciatella - Milk Ice cream with Chocolate

Indulge in the classic taste of our Stracciatella Ice Cream, now available in a convenient 5-liter catering size. Perfect for those who adore the timeless combination of creamy ice cream and rich chocolate, this flavor is a tribute to traditional Italian Fior di Latte.

What does Stracciatella mean?

The term 'Stracciatella' comes from the Italian word 'stracciato', which means 'shredded' or 'torn apart'. In the context of ice cream, it refers to the method of creating fine shreds of chocolate. As the chocolate is drizzled into the churning Fior di Latte ice cream, it solidifies upon contact, creating delicate, crispy chocolate flakes that blend seamlessly with the creamy base.

Fresh Milk - Premium chocolate for our Stracciatella Ice Cream

Our secret lies in using only the finest ingredients. We source our fresh, full-fat milk directly from local Berlin farmers, supporting sustainable practices and ensuring unparalleled freshness. The milk and cream blend creates a luxurious Fior di Latte base, setting the stage for the real star - Belgian chocolate.

Unlike other Stracciatella varieties that dilute their chocolate with inferior fats, we use authentic Belgian chocolate to guarantee a crackling surprise in every spoonful. This commitment to quality means our ice cream is dense, compact, and brimming with flavor, thanks to minimal overrun and incorporated air.

Experience the rich, velvety texture and the delightful contrast of smooth Fior di Latte ice cream laced with crisp chocolate shards. Perfect for any gathering, our Stracciatella Ice Cream is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.