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Bubble Waffle Berlin

Bubble Waffle in Berlin

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Your are looking for a nice spot to enjoy crispy Bubble Waffle in Berlin?

Bubble Waffle in Berlin

Here is where to find Berlin's Bubble Waffle Highlights: 

At Hackescher Markt & Savignyplatz: Immerse yourself in the heart of Berlin's waffle culture at Hackescher Markt and Savignyplatz, where our Bubble Waffles are redefining dessert. More than just a sweet treat, they embody the vibrant spirit of Berlin. Each Bubble Waffle, with its crispy shell and fluffy heart, is a testament to the city's love for innovative and delightful culinary experiences. Enjoy it pure or with Ice Cream, fruits and toppings.

Hong Kong Waffles - different name - same deliciousness

Discover the Flavor Diversity of Berlin with Hong Kong Waffles: From the urban flair of Hackescher Markt to the charming streets of Charlottenburg at Savignyplatz, our Bubble Waffles are the perfect companion for any Berlin adventure. Inspired by the traditional Hong Kong Waffles, we bring a piece of Asian culinary artistry to the heart of Berlin, blending it with local tastes to create something truly special.

Unique Homemade Waffle Dough in Charlottenburg

We decided to make our own unique dough to deliver the best Bubble Wqffles in Berlin.  In Charlottenburg, we take pride in our homemade dough , infused with exotic tonka beans, sets our waffles apart. This special blend gives our Bubble Waffles a distinct flavor that's uniquely, offering a taste experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

A Vegan Waffle Dream in Berlin 

Vegans, rejoice! Our waffles cater to your needs without any compromise on taste. Made without eggs or milk, our vegan Bubble Waffles ensure that everyone can enjoy a piece of Berlin's sweet culinary delights.


Bubble Waffles and Bubble Tea: Are they related?

 For those who wonder if both are somehow related: No, they share the name and the area of origin. But there are no Bubble Tea Bobas inside the Bubble Waffle, although you might fill it with Ice Cream, fruits, Whipped cream, and toppings of course.