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Bubble Waffle - Katchi Ice Cream

Bubble Waffle

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Bubble Waffles in Berlin: A Culinary Masterpiece – Crispy, Fluffy, and Homemade!

Berlin's Bubble Waffle Highlights at Hackescher Markt & Savignyplatz:
Right in the vibrant heart of Berlin, both at Hackescher Markt and Savignyplatz, you'll discover waffle creations that captivate taste buds and hearts alike. Our specially developed Bubble Waffles aren't just a dessert; they're a piece of Berlin's spirit. The secret? A recipe that marries a crispy exterior with a lusciously fluffy interior.

Unique Homemade Waffle Dough in Charlottenburg:
While others rely on ready-made mixes, we champion uniqueness in Charlottenburg: Our dough, infused with the tonka bean, is crafted by hand. This special mixture bestows upon our waffles a flavor that is unparalleled and distinctively Berlin.

Discover the Flavor Diversity of Berlin:
Whether you prefer the urban vibes around Hackescher Markt or cherish the distinct corners of Charlottenburg at Savignyplatz, our Bubble Waffles perfectly complement every Berlin stroll. They're the sweet sidekick that turns any Berlin walk into a memorable journey.

Bubble Waffles for the True Connoisseur:
Want to uncover the origin of Berlin's waffle enthusiasm? Visit our locations at Hackescher Markt or Savignyplatz and see for yourself why aficionados rave about our homemade Bubble Waffles.

A Vegan Waffle Dream:
For all the vegans out there, we have splendid news: Our waffles are made without any egg or milk. With us, you can savor vegan waffle delights without compromise.