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Going Bananas/ Choc Bomb Sundae -

Chocolate Sundae

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Chocolate Sundae

Dive into the world of our Chocolate Sundae, a year-round classic and a summer favorite. It’s a rich blend of chocolate, vanilla, and Swiss chocolate ice cream, topped with whipped cream, homemade chocolate sauce, and chopped chocolate. Perfect for chocolate lovers, with vegan options available.

The Origin of the Name 'Chocolate Sundae'

Origin of 'Chocolate Sundae' The term 'sundae' traditionally refers to ice cream topped with syrup and other goodies. The 'chocolate' in Chocolate Sundae comes from its delicious chocolate-based toppings and flavors.

The Chocolate Sundae Experience It's more than just a dessert; it’s a luxurious chocolate adventure, perfect for anyone who cherishes classic, creamy, and chocolatey flavors. Enjoy this sundae and relish in every chocolaty bite.

Our Secret Recipe for the Perfect Chocolate Sundae

Creating the Perfect Chocolate Sundae...
  • Start by pre-cooling your plate.

  • Then add 2-3 scoops of ice cream - flavors of your choice - in the middle. We recommend chocolate, vanilla, and semi sweet chocolate for a classic taste.

  • Top it with whipped cream,

  • 30g of homemade chocolate sauce, and

  • top with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate crispies

  • Serve with a crispy wafer to complete this fruity taste experience.