Going Bananas / Choc Bomb Waffle

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Two scoops - we suggest bourbon vanilla ice cream and banana brownie for going bananas - served on a crispy crunchy Bubble Waffle and topped with sliced bananas, chocolate fudge and vanilla scented whipped cream, served on our crunchy bubble Waffle. Of course you can also choose another ice cream flavor. For Choc Bomb, we suggest Willy Wonka Chocolate Bomb and Dark Chocolate Ice Cream topped with ALL of our chocolate toppings like chocolate sprinkles, crispies and chocolate sauce. 

Our Bubble Waffles come fresh out of our Bubble Waffle Maker, when you visit us in one of our Katchi Ice cream shops and they are all vegan, so our Bubble Waffle recipe doesn't contain eggs. If you choose a vegan ice cream, this waffle is also available as a vegan version.