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Lemon Cookie -

Lemon Cookie

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Lemon Cookie means fresh lemon flavor in a buttery, sugar cookie. This american style cookie has a crispy outside and chewy core. Discover the perfect balance of sweet and tart with our American Style Lemon Cookies, crafted with love in the bustling heart of Berlin. 

We incorporate real lemon zest and juice into our American-style recipe, resulting in a cookie that's both tangy and sweet. The sunny, citrusy flavor is beautifully complemented by the soft, chewy texture of the cookie. 

You can get our cookies in one of our Katchi Ice Cream Shops in Berlin or you can order them online. Ordering cookies online is as easy as pie (or, in this case, cookies!). Our online platform provides an easy ordering process, allowing you to enjoy our delightful American Lemon Cookies wherever you are.