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Lemon Lavender Cookie -

Lemon Lavender Cookie

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Our distinctive cookies baked in the lively heart of Berlin are harmonizing the zesty freshness of lemon with the soothing, aromatic essence of lavender, redefining the traditional American-style cookie experience. Real lemon zest and juice provide a citrusy spark, while the inclusion of aromatic lavender herbs brings a calming, fragrant balance. 

Tangy lemon complements the floral lavender notes perfectly, and the classic, soft cookie texture provides chew chew comfort. This is the taste of innovative Berlin - a distinctive blend of flavors within a traditional American cookie framework.

Whether you're a Berlin local, a tourist on the hunt for a unique sweet treat, or a cookie lover eager to order cookies online, our Lemon Lavender cookies promise a unique flavor experience.

And you also know: Ordering cookies online has never been easier! Enjoy delightful cookie flavors in our Katchi Ice Cream stores in Berlin or delivered right to your door.