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Matcha Cookie -

Matcha Cookie

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Our Matcha Cookie offers a unique taste experience when it comes to chewy american style cookies. This green beauty is topped with macadamia nuts and crafted with organic Fuku Matcha. It feels like a match from heaven – but it doesn't come from the sky, it's a homemade cookie from our katchi ice cream lab in Berlin.

Experience the unique blend of East and West in our premium American Style Matcha Cookies. The authentic, vibrant green tea powder lends its nuanced flavors to our cookies, creating a delicious fusion of tastes. We blend this finely ground matcha with the finest ingredients to create an American-style cookie that encapsulates the soul of Berlin's innovative culinary scene.

Don't just imagine the delightful fusion of these flavors - order cookies online now and savor the experience for yourself! We make sure your cookies arrive fresh at your doorstep, ready to be enjoyed as soon as you receive them.