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Nuts Bubble Waffle - Katchi Ice Cream

Nuts Bubble Waffle

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Nuts Bubble Waffle: The Ultimate Nutty Delight in Berlin!

In the heart of Berlin, nestled between the iconic streets of Hackescher Markt and Savignyplatz, awaits a waffle experience like no other: the Nuts Bubble Waffle. Our Berlin Waffle Shop prides itself on crafting the best waffles in Berlin, and this nutty sensation is no exception.

Beginning with our signature crispy Tonka waffle dough, known throughout Charlottenburg for its distinct taste, we fill it with our delectable homemade hazelnut ice cream. But the magic doesn't stop there. A lavish topping of premium roasted nuts and a generous drizzle of rich caramel sauce completes this masterpiece. Truly, a tribute to all nut enthusiasts and waffle lovers alike.

Whether you're on a leisurely stroll near Hackescher Markt, exploring the vibrant atmosphere around Savignyplatz, or simply in the mood for some homemade waffles in Berlin, our Nuts Bubble Waffle is a must-try. It's not just another waffle; it's a Berliner flavor sensation.

For those seeking vegan options, our Vegan Waffles Berlin menu offers an array of choices that don't compromise on taste. So, whether you're a local or a visitor, join us in celebrating the best of Bubble Waffles Berlin style. The Nuts Bubble Waffle awaits your indulgence. Experience the crunch, the creaminess, and the caramel goodness today!