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BOWL Peach Rose Sorbet, 4kg -

Peach Rose Sorbet - 5L Catering Size

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Peach Sorbet with Rose

Our Peach Rose Sorbet is a symphony of flavors, combining the sweetness of white peaches with the subtle elegance of organic red roses. This sorbet, topped with delicate rose petals, is not just a dessert; it's a celebration of sophisticated, natural flavors in a vegan delight.

Our Peach Rose Sorbet:

  • White Peach Base: We use the finest white peaches, known for their juicy sweetness, to create a refreshing and creamy sorbet base.

  • Infused with Organic Red Rose: The sorbet is delicately spiced with organic red rose, adding a floral depth that complements the peach's natural flavor.

  • Topped with Rose Petals: Each serving is adorned with fragrant rose petals, enhancing the visual and taste experience.

A Vegan and Creamy Experience:

  • Our Peach Rose Sorbet is 100% vegan, offering a creamy texture that belies its dairy-free nature. It's a perfect choice for those seeking a plant-based option without compromising on creaminess or flavor.

  • Whether as a refreshing treat on a warm day, a sophisticated dessert at a dinner party, or a delightful palate cleanser, our Peach Rose Sorbet fits beautifully into any culinary setting. Its unique flavor profile makes it a memorable addition to any meal.

What goes well with Our Peach Rose Sorbet?

  • pair our peach rose ice cream with vanilla.

  • pair our peach rose ice cream with passionfruit sorbet

  • pair our peach rose ice cream with almond ice cream

Experience the elegant and refreshing taste of our Peach Rose Sorbet, where every scoop is a testament to the beauty of nature and culinary artistry.