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Peanut Butter Jam Ice Cream Bowl - 5L - Katchi Ice Cream

Peanut Butter Jam Ice Cream Bowl - 5L

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Indulge in the Irresistible Duo: Our Peanutbutter Jam Ice Cream

Straight from the heart of our Berlin Ice Cream manufacture, we present you a tantalizing taste explosion: Our Peanutbutter Jam Ice Cream! A creamy peanut butter ice cream, layered with homemade blueberry jam, crafted from regionally sourced blueberries, and garnished with chewy Choc Chip Cookies. 

 Homemade Delicacies in Every Scoop

Imagine your taste buds being caressed by velvety peanut butter ice cream, followed by a sweet kick of our blue miracle: The homemade blueberry jam. And to top it off, you'll experience the crispy highlight of our home-baked Choc Chip Cookies. Each component is carefully balanced to create a harmonious interplay between sweet, salty, and chocolaty as well as playing with different consistences.

The Journey of Local Ingredients

We believe in supporting local producers and prioritize short delivery routes. Hence, the blueberries in our jam come from regional farmers, and we ensure that every berry brings the sun-kissed, fresh taste of the Berlin surroundings to your cone or Ice Cream cup.

Committed to Sustainability and Local Produce

Our vegan Peanutbutter Jam flavor stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainable, local, and ethical choices. Not only does it represent culinary expertise, but it also showcases our dedication to the environment and our local producers in and around Berlin.