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Popsicle Salted Caramel, 120 ml -

Salted Caramel, 120 ml Popsicle

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Introducing our Salted Caramel Popsicle – a tribute to the classic, savory flavors with a modern twist. Invented by French pastry chef Henri Le Roux in 1977, the original "caramel au beurre salé" has inspired our creation. This 120 ml popsicle is a soft, creamy delight made with delicious golden brown caramel and a sprinkle of sea salt, enhancing the flavor to new heights.

Key Features:

  • Rich Salted Caramel: Our ice cream is infused with the richness of salted caramel, offering a perfect balance of sweet and savory.
  • Crispy Caramelized White Chocolate: Wrapped in a layer of crispy caramelized white chocolate, adding a delightful texture and warmth to the cold treat.
  • Creamy Delight: Crafted to be soft and creamy, ensuring each bite is a luxurious experience.
  • A Nod to Tradition: Inspired by the original French "caramel au beurre salé", our popsicle honors a classic while adding a contemporary twist.
  • Perfectly Portioned: The 120 ml size makes it an ideal treat for any time of the day.

A Journey of Flavor and Texture
Our Salted Caramel Popsicle is not just an ice cream; it's a journey through contrasting flavors and textures. Perfect for those who appreciate classic and savory flavors with a modern touch. Dive into this popsicle and experience the harmonious blend of cold and warm sensations, a true pleasure and a treasure in every bite!

No plastic

No plastic at Katchi! Paper packages. We love you even more if you choose Reusables for your order.

Regional Sources

We make our Ice cream with regional ingredients and we support local farming.

Handmade with love

We produce our Ice Cream handmade from scratch. No syrups. No artificials.