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Popsicle Tiger Paw, 120 ml -

Popsicle Tiger Paw, 120 ml

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Discover a tropical escape with every bite of our 120 ml homemade Mango Sorbet Popsicles.

These refreshing treats are enrobed in a fruity coconut-mango coating, adorned with delicate chocolate decorations designed to make you fall in love at first sight – and bite!

Crafted for inclusivity, our popsicles are proudly lactose-free and vegan, making them a perfect choice for any diet. Indulge in the guilt-free pleasure of this sweet, icy tiger paw, where vibrant mango flavors meet the exotic twist of coconut coating, all finished with a touch of chocolate artistry. Ideal for those seeking a deliciously cool, plant-based indulgence.

No plastic

No plastic at Katchi! Paper packages. We love you even more if you choose Reusables for your order.

Regional Sources

We make our Ice cream with regional ingredients and we support local farming.

Handmade with love

We produce our Ice Cream handmade from scratch. No syrups. No artificials.