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Snickerdoodle Cookie -

Snickerdoodle Cookie

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Our Snickerdoodle Cookie is a warming, aromatic one of a kid of the American Style Cookies. Perfectly suited for cinnamon lovers, these cookies offer an irresistible fusion of sweet and spicy notes.

Each of our Snickerdoodle cookies is handcrafted and shaped with attention to detail. Starting as a simple dough ball, the cookies are bathed in a mixture of Ceylon cinnamon and sugar before they hit the baking sheet. This process ensures each cookie is evenly coated, giving every bite a balanced, full-bodied cinnamon flavor, slightly caramalized.

Our American Style Snickerdoodle Cookies are a celebration of this classic cookie's storied history. With origins tracing back to 19th-century New England, Snickerdoodles are considered by many as a timeless American classic. Their signature tangy taste and cinnamon sugar topping have won hearts over the years, and our cookies are a nod to this beloved tradition, reimagined in Berlin.

Whether you're a Berliner, a visitor with a sweet tooth, or a cookie enthusiast looking to order cookies online, our Snickerdoodle cookies are the perfect joice (joy+choice) for all cookie lovers.