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Sticky Coco & Mango Ice Cream, 160 ml -

Sticky Coco Ice Cream & Mango Ice Cream, 160 ml Cup

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Welcome to a world where tropical dreams meet modern culinary artistry with our Sticky Coco Ice Cream & Mango Sorbet Cup. This 160 ml cup is a vegan masterpiece, blending the exotic flavors of mango sorbet with our signature Sticky Coco ice cream, inspired by the classic Thai dessert, mango sticky rice.

Key Features:

  • Vegan Sticky Coco Ice Cream: Our Sticky Coco is a vegan sensation, capturing the essence of mango sticky rice with a creamy coconut base.
  • Refreshing Mango Sorbet: Bursting with the vibrant taste of fresh mangoes, our sorbet offers a fruity, refreshing experience that's both dairy-free and delightful.
  • Raspberry & Mango Coulis Twist: To elevate the experience, we swirl in a refreshing raspberry and mango coulis, adding layers of tangy sweetness.
  • Perfect for Everyone: Whether you're vegan, lactose intolerant, or simply an ice cream lover, this cup is crafted to please all palates.
  • Convenient & Portable: Enjoy this 160 ml cup of tropical indulgence anywhere. It comes with a spoon, making it the ideal on-the-go treat.

A Tropical Treat for Every Taste
Our Sticky Coco Ice Cream & Mango Sorbet Cup is more than just a dessert; it's a celebration of modern, refreshing flavors. Each spoonful is a journey through creamy, fruity, and exotic landscapes. Embrace the taste of the tropics and let this cup be your escape to a world of vibrant, dairy-free deliciousness!

No plastic

No plastic at Katchi! Paper packages. We love you even more if you choose Reusables for your order.

Regional Sources

We make our Ice cream with regional ingredients and we support local farming.

Handmade with love

We produce our Ice Cream handmade from scratch. No syrups. No artificials.