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Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae

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Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae

Embrace the essence of summer with our Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae, a seasonal favorite that's beloved by all. This sundae is a delightful fusion of classic flavors and fresh, fruity goodness, making it the perfect treat for sunny days.

Our secret recipe for the perfect Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae

To create the perfect Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae,
  • we start by pre-cooling your sundae cup. 
  • followed by 2-3 scoops of Bourbon Vanilla ice creams.
  • Top with fresh, properly washed strawberries
  • Top it off with whipped cream,
  • 30g of fresh homemade strawberry sauce,
  • Serve with a crispy wafer to complete this fruity masterpiece.

Topped with Fresh Homemade Strawberry Sauce

We elevate the sundae with a generous topping of our fresh homemade strawberry sauce. Made with 30g of real strawberries, this sauce adds a vibrant, fruity layer that perfectly complements the vanilla ice cream.

The Joy of Fresh Strawberries in Every Bite

What makes our Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae stand out is the inclusion of fresh strawberries. Their natural sweetness and juicy texture add a refreshing twist to the creamy vanilla base.

A Vegan-Friendly Delight

This sundae can easily be made vegan by substituting the vanilla ice cream with your choice of vegan flavors. It's a versatile treat that caters to everyone's preferences, ensuring that all can enjoy this summertime classic.

Enjoy the Complete Ice Cream Experience

Our Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae is not just a dessert; it's a complete ice cream experience. Perfect for those who enjoy classic, creamy, fruity ice cream flavors with the added delight of fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and a crispy wafer. Dive into this sundae and savor the rich, fruity flavors in every bite.

An important Note for Nut Allergy Sufferers

It's important to know that, botanically speaking, strawberries are not actually berries, but aggregate accessory fruits that belong to the rose family. This fact is particularly relevant for allergy sufferers, as some people who are allergic to nuts may also have a sensitivity to strawberries. Despite their classification as part of the rose family, strawberries are very popular in Germany and are among the favorite fruits of many people.