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Vanilla Rainbow Cookie (Pride Cookie) -

Vanilla Rainbow Cookie (Pride Cookie)

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Join the pride celebration with our American Style Vanilla Pride Cookies, baked with love and passion in the vibrant city of Berlin. Inspired by the spirit of Christopher Street Day, these Rainbow Cookies are a perfect blend of indulgent vanilla flavor and vibrant sprinkles representing our divers Berlin city. So our Vanilla Pride cookies are more than just a treat - they're a tribute to diversity, acceptance, and love. These cookies are infused with Bourbon vanilla flavor and a delightful explosion of smooth vanilla and the comforting, chewy texture of American-style cookies.

Whether you're participating in the Christopher Street Day celebrations in Berlin, or if you are showing your support for Pride from afar, or just looking to order cookies online, our Vanilla Pride cookies are a flavorful symbol of unity, acceptance, and the vibrant spirit of Berlin's LGBTQ+ community.