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Whipped Cream - Schlagsahne
Whipped Cream - Schlagsahne auf Eis
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Whipped Cream, 1 Portion

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Whipped Cream 


Experience the Richness of Our Vanilla Scented Whipped Cream

Our Vanilla Scented Whipped Cream, made with 35% fat cream from local farmers, is a luxurious addition to any dessert. Infused with vanilla and boasting a creamy texture, it's perfect for enhancing dishes like strawberry sorbet or pistachio ice cream.

  • What is Whipped Cream Made Of? Our whipped cream is crafted from high-fat cream (35% fat), essential for achieving that perfect, fluffy texture.

  • Is Whipped Cream Just Whipped Milk? No, whipped cream is made from cream, not milk. The higher fat content in cream is crucial for achieving the whipped texture, which milk alone cannot provide.

  • What is UK Whipped Cream Called? In the UK, whipped cream is often referred to as "squirty cream" when it comes in an aerosol can, or simply as "whipped cream" in its traditional form.


Perfect Pairing and Quality:

  • Versatile Pairing: Whether topping a warm pie, enhancing a hot chocolate, or adding to a fruit salad, our vanilla scented whipped cream is versatile and complements various desserts.

  • Local and Sustainable: Sourced directly from local farmers, we ensure quality and freshness, supporting community agriculture.

How Do You Whip Cream?

The Process of whipping cream:

  1. Starting with Cream: The process begins with heavy cream, which is high in fat (usually around 35% or more). This fat content is crucial for the process to work.

  2. Chilling the Cream: Cold cream whips better because the fat globules are more rigid and can trap air more effectively. This is why it's often recommended to chill the cream and the equipment (like the bowl and beaters) before whipping.

  3. Using a Whipped Cream Machine: When you use a machine, it rapidly incorporates air into the cream. The machine's whisk or beaters move through the cream, creating tiny air bubbles.


The Physics Behind It:


  • Incorporation of Air: As the whisk or beaters move through the cream, air is trapped by the network of fat droplets. These air bubbles are stabilized by the fat, which partially coalesces around them.

  • Formation of a Foam: Cream is an emulsion (a mixture of water and fat), and when it's whipped, it becomes a foam. In this foam, air bubbles are surrounded by a thin film of fat, which is stabilized by the proteins and emulsifiers present in the cream.

  • Volume Increase: As more air is whipped into the cream, it increases in volume. The fat in the cream, which was once just tiny globules, now starts to stick together around the air bubbles, creating a structure that holds the air in place.


Why Can Heavy, Fatty Cream Incorporate So Much Air?


  • Role of Fat: The fat is crucial because it provides stability to the air bubbles. As the cream is whipped, the fat, which is initially dispersed in globules, starts to coalesce and forms a network around the air bubbles. This network is what gives whipped cream its structure and allows it to hold a significant amount of air.

  • Temperature and Fat Behavior: The colder temperature of the cream affects how the fat behaves. Cold fat is more rigid and can trap air more effectively. This is why heavy cream can whip up to a much larger volume and hold its shape.

Conclusion: The ability of heavy cream to incorporate air and transform into whipped cream is a combination of its high-fat content, the physical action of whipping, and the physics of foam formation. The fat in the cream stabilizes the air bubbles, and the whipping action introduces and maintains these bubbles, creating the light, airy texture that we love in whipped cream.