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Iced Coffee

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About the Iced Coffee:

The exact origins of iced coffee are not clearly documented, but it has been a popular drink for many decades. Various cultures have their own versions of iced coffee, and it likely evolved over time as people looked for refreshing ways to enjoy coffee in hot weather. The concept of cold coffee drinks dates back at least to the 19th century.

Our unique Katchi twist combines the classic, invigorating taste of carefully brewed coffee with the modern flair of our signature style.

Our recipe for the perfect Iced Coffee: 

  • 1 espresso shot
  • 150 ml milk 
  • 3-4 ice cream cubes
  • optional chocolate flakes

Perfectly blended coffee with ice cubes and milk provides a light texture that is unmatched.

Delicious Iced Coffee Variations: 

  • add some homemade chocolate sauce or caramel sauce  as a  flavor for your unique Iced Coffee.
  • we use only the freshest local cow milk to enhance the creaminess of the beverage
  • plant-based patrons: we offer a variety of plant-based milk options like almond milk, oat milk or coconut milk to ensure everyone can enjoy this delightful treat.

Freshly Brewed Coffee for the Iced Coffee

For the ideal Iced Coffee, the quality of the coffee is just as important as any other ingredient. "No good coffee, no good Iced Coffee!" – this motto stands true for every cup we serve.

The Role of Espresso in Iced Coffee:

  • Aromatic Espresso: We use freshly brewed aromatic espresso to add a robust and bold touch to our Iced Coffee. This creates a harmonious balance between the strength of the coffee and any added flavors or creams.
  • Coffee Quality: The coffee beans are selected for their quality and flavor profile, ensuring each cup of Iced Coffee has a rich and satisfying taste.
  • Brewing Technique: Our espresso is brewed to the perfect strength to complement the cold nature of the drink, ensuring that the coffee flavor shines through even when chilled.

Layer of Indulgence: Chocolate and Caramel

  • For those looking for an extra layer of indulgence, we offer rich chocolate fudge and smooth caramel sauce to drizzle on top. This addition provides a sweet and decadent finish that beautifully complements the coffee's bitterness.

Customizable Iced Coffee Experience:

  • Our Iced Coffee isn't just a drink; it's a customizable experience. With a variety of toppings, including whipped cream, from our extensive collection, you can tailor your Iced Coffee to match your personal taste and mood.

  • Versatility: Whether you prefer something classic or are feeling adventurous, our Iced Coffee is versatile and adaptable to suit any preference.

  • Toppings and Flavors: Choose from a range of syrups, spices, and creamers to create your perfect Iced Coffee.

A Beverage for Coffee Lovers and Sweet Tooths:

  • Our Iced Coffee is designed to appeal to both coffee enthusiasts and those with a sweet tooth. It stands out as a must-try beverage for its unique blend of flavors and the ability to personalize it to your liking.

Enjoy the refreshing twist of our expertly brewed Iced Coffee. You would like to add a little more? Try our German Iced Coffee with 1 scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream added!